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How to register company in Bulgaria - LTD , Sole trader

From the beginning of 2008 a new company register was created in Bulgaria, aiming atreducing the time for registration, making the process simpler and eliminating certain abuses.

Below you will find useful answers to the most common questions, concerning the company registration in Bulgaria.
Q: How long does it take to register a company in Bulgaria?

A: The registration should take 2-3 days.
Q: How much is the minimum required capital for registering a company?

A: The minimum required capital is BGN 2.00 or one lev per incorporator.
Q: Where goes this money? To the budget surplus?

A: The funds for registration are in no way locked in your company's account, and you can use them as you like once the registration is completed.
Q: I see, and how do I reserve a name for my company?

A: Once you choose the name for the company, we check its availability and notify you.
Q: Right, and then?

A: Next, we need to lodge an Application for registry. This form also needs to be notarized.
Q: What information you need to prepare the documents?

A: In order to correctly file the request, we need the following information:

- Name of the company

- The incorporator/incorporators' details

- Who will be the manager

- What will be the share participation of each incorporator

- The domicile and address of management of your company
Q: Could a proxy of the Manager notarize all Applications?

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